Our Cause is Hope!

We are very proud of our Church Pipe Organ.

In 2004 St. Jude’s purchased the Casavant #2422 from St. Monica’s Anglican Church, Hiawatha Road, Toronto,
where it was originally installed in 1957.

After the organ purchase, and months of work moving it from St. Monica’s and building it at St. Jude’s,
Bishop Michael Bedford Jones was on hand for the re-dedication ceremony on Jan. 16, 2005.

The project was lead by John Struve, Organ Builder, whom we would like to thank for his meticulous work.
The project would have cost thousands of dollars more if it weren’t for the heroic efforts of a group of very dedicated St. Jude’s men.

We want to honour and thank the following group of parishioners:


  • Earl Barr

  • Joe Bonney

  • Ted Fullerton

  • George Grace

  • Charlie Harrison

  • Bob Haydon

  • Walter Korynkiewicz

  • Gordon Lowe

  • Walter Proud

  • Joe Samuels

  • Alex Smith

  • Bill Smith

  • Jack Smith

  • George Starr

  • Tom Turner

  • Tom Wilson

  • Dawnson Woo

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