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The Reverend Greg Carpenter

Confidential E-mail



Dilys Jones

Rector’s Warden

Martha Baquero
Confidential E-mail

Parish Administrator

Sharon Zagrodney

People’s Warden

The Rev. Eric Howes

Honourary Associate

Lina Arbelaez Moreno

Deputy Warden

Senan Whelan

Organist and Choir Director


To contact any of the following parish representatives please call the parish office at 416 – 755 – 5872


Advisory Board

Sharon Zagrodney (chair)

Altar Guild

Barbara White

Anglican Church Women

Olive Harris

Booking of Church Facilities

Parish Office

Cemetery Board

David Smith (chair)

Cemetery Administrator

Judy Boundy

Choir (Friday 2:30 p.m.)

Elaine Proud

Christian Education – Adult

Fr. Greg

Christian Education – Children

Monique Hodge, Liz Farquharson

Coffee Hour on Sunday

Phyllis Dennis

Envelope Secretary

Rachel Steffler

Fellowship Club

Jill Raine

Food Bank Coordinator

Martha Baquero

Gardening Committee

John Small

Lay Administrators

Fr Greg

Lay Member of Synod

 Lina Arbelaez, Nicolas Castaneda, Sherry Bedford (alternate)


Parish Office

Outreach Committee

Monique Hodge

Property Committee

Nicolas Castañeda

Readers Guild

Parish Office

Servers Guild

Monique Hodge


Kevin Steffler

Welcome Ministry

Mike Wilcox

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